Poverty: Just Another Conspiracy Theory?

People blame the government for all types of different problems. It’s not the government’s fault that a company laid off half their staff, or that someone broke their ankle while working, or if someone has to be on disability their entire life. Nor is it the government’s fault that there are veterans that served this country that are homeless now, or in a mental hospital because of what they had to go through to keep this country “free.” But wait. Is it? Is it the governments fault? Should they be blamed for all this? There’s a desperate need for a change in government.

The government is here mainly for the purpose of keeping society under control and stable, but most importantly the government is here to protect the people and lend a hand when it’s necessary. There is no question about it. The real question is, do they do their job? Are they here to actually help us prosper in life? Or are they here to bring us down, and maybe even keep us down? They might have some people fooled that believe anything they see on the media, but people are acknowledging that this society is oppressive and that not everything on the Internet is the “truth.” Therefore there are a lot of people standing up and asking the government “why?” The government doesn’t want to give welfare out to people. Their excuse? Welfare causes people to be lazy and then they take advantage of the program. So people getting laid off, or finding that they can’t find a job, automatically makes them lazy.

Since the government has a weird way of keeping the 99% down, most of us don’t acknowledge it and we let it slide. But we don’t take it into consideration that it is because it has been going on for so long. The well-known underground rapper Immortal Technique clearly realizes what’s really going on in society. He explains that people are too busy focused on surviving and looking out for their families that they don’t realize they are being robbed of their basic rights. He further states that thinking of changing that fact is just a dream that is not possible because they are struggling to survive. “Most of my Latino and black people who are struggling to get food, clothes and shelter in the hood are so concerned with that, that philosophising about freedom and socialist democracy is usually unfortunately beyond their rationale.” – Immortal Technique.

This is an important topic. Not just for me because it should be for everybody else that has common sense. Why? Because the government should do what they are meant to do, and that’s helping people get out of poverty and get somewhere in life. Others might argue that every individual should look after themselves and not depend on others to do their work for them. On the other hand, is it really bad to get a little assistance when they are down? For example if you are a veteran and suffer from brain traumas, should you really try and prosper on your own or look for help and find a home for your family? Either a change in office is needed or a revolution. Regardless, one of those is bound to happen.