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Ladydrawers: Fast Fashion

Fast fashion means cheap

Part of the Series

Today’s Ladydrawers strip kicks off a yearlong investigation into women’s international labor, primarily through the global garment and sex trades. Of course, it starts with fashion – not only the largest employer of women worldwide but one of most significant ways through which sexuality is expressed, in the US and around the world. Fast fashion, in particular: cheap, cute, disposable threads on which we spend about $1,700 per year.

This strip also marks a change in how we work at Ladydrawers: We’ll be working with artists for longer, connecting stories more closely and continuing to innovate comics journalism with our pals at Truthout. Julia Gfrörer will be drawing the next two strips, and Anne Elizabeth Moore will continue to write, partnering with experts in the field at times to bring you the most accurate, intriguing data from around the globe.

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