Ken Starr Rebukes Liz Cheney Smear of DOJ Lawyers (VIDEO)

Steve Benen of the Washington Monthly reports:

“Last week, Liz Cheney’s right-wing vehicle, ‘Keep America Safe,’ launched a pretty disgusting smear against nine Justice Department attorneys. The group includes lawyers working in the Department of Justice who fought the Bush administration’s treatment of suspected terrorists as unconstitutional….

“The vile attacks from Cheney and her cohorts seek to characterize the attorneys — who actually deserve the nation’s thanks — as terrorist-sympathizing traitors. Keep America Safe’s scurrilous ad asks about the lawyers, ‘Whose values do they share?’…

“Last week, Cheney’s efforts faced some pushback from the left and right. Fortunately, the blowback from across the legal establishment is getting more forceful and organized.”

VIDEO: Lawrence O’Donnell Interviews Kenneth Starr on MSNBC’s Countdown: