Citizen’s United (A Poem)

Happy Birthday Occupy. You’ve changed me. Now, let’s change our country.

If we kidnapped

THEIR children

They would find us

If we put guns

In the hands of those young

They would tag them

“Child soldiers”

But here

We prefer to leave them

Clinically depressed

And decorate them in marine

There is a name

For people who will take

The very bread

Off of our dinner table

And put it in their pocket

They are toast

Like champagne flutes

Are the new silvers spoon

Like what they will be

When the revolutions

And the riots

Catch up with them

Tomorrow morning

When humanity

Has the munchies

And eats presidential candidates

For breakfast

When their war chest

Can fill the holes

In our country’s

Debt, deficit & addiction


They’d rather

Raise money

To argue about it

Than raise sleeves

To fix it

Politicians are NOT people too, Mitt


And they’re not Jesus either, Barrack

If you remember

He ran the moneychangers out of the temple

Not into his cabinet

If you remember

He was Guantanamo’s blueprint

He was no popularity contestant

He had no friend in the Pharaoh, Pharisees or FED

He told them

Where they could shove

Their opinion poll

And they hung him from it

Back in the day

When Romans used to lynch Jews

With perpendicular sticks

And you remember

They make sure you do

Cause from the dome of the United States Capitol

To the Pantheon bars of the White House


They gon’ make sure that you know

Where Black people are supposed to live

Corinthian columns

At the halls of Congress

With no reparations

Or apologies

Depicting corn cobs

To symbolize

Our stolen bounty

Tobacco leaves

To symbolize

Our stolen “Help”

Our stolen wealth

If you remember

He did not run for office

He ran for his life

What ever happened?

To public servants

Instead of self-serving

When did it stop

Being about “We the People”

And start

Being about winning

When did the Catholic’s

Social doctrine

And the athiest’s

Social justice

Both translate to

“Go to Hell”?

Why do we wait for them?

For education

And elections

And then wonder

Wh we won’t teach us

To elect ourselves

What if

Every lawn’s

Campaign sign

Read “Peace”

What if

On November 6th

We’d agree

To agree

What if

I were to say

I’ll only believe

In a government

That believes

In me

What if the citizens

Were really united

And each one of us


That I’d vote for me.

-For Rasheed and for Occupy