BP Killing Endangered Sea Turtles in “Burn Fields” (Video)

Editor’s Note: On Friday, the Obama administration confirmed that endangered sea turtles and other marine animals were being burnt alive in BP’s “burn fields.” The Guardian UK reports that environmental organizations are demanding that the oil company stop using this oil containment practice without first rescuing the turtles. Additionally, they want the US administration to prosecute BP for killing endangered animals.

Below, is a video interview with boat Capt. Mike Ellis, who was hired by BP and the Coast Guard to help rescue endangered Kemp’s Ridley turtles. He describes what he sees on the frontline of the effort to save the turtles and shares his firsthand account of BP corralling the turtles and burning them alive. He says that the turtle rescue mission was cut short by BP because of what he terms “frustration,” between the rescue mission and the company. – S.G.