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Ann Wright, Witness to Flotilla Incident (Video) (2)

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Most Freedom Flotilla survivors describe how Israeli Defense Force treated the activists aboard the Freedom Flotilla as an appalling act of piracy, but if one gets their news from the mass media, like many Americans, they would think otherwise. The Israeli PR machine has done everything possible to portray themselves as the victims of an attack by activists armed with “clubs” and “knives;” however, secret video chips have circulated images of activists using their Gaza-bound humanitarian aid to administer medical assistance to Israeli commandos wounded by their own aggressive assault. Despite what may seem obvious about a battle on the high seas pitting Israeli commandos against weaponless activists, the Israeli PR machine is destroying activsts’ cameras and recording equipment in order to manipulate the events in their favor.

Retired U.S Military Colonel and U.S. State Department Official, now anti-war activist and Freedom Flotilla survivor Ann Wright joins us in studio to give us a first hand account of what really happened during the Freedom Flotilla raid.

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