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One Morning in Homan Square

How does having a secretive, controversial police facility in the neighborhood affect the residents of Homan Square?

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The Homan Square police facility in southwest Chicago has been the subject of controversy for almost three months now, and for good reason. Up to 17 past detainees of the facility have stepped forward to describe unacceptable, problematic behavior by officers of the Chicago Police Department (CPD) in the facility. Detainees have been shackled for numerous hours, denied access to a phone or a lawyer, physically abused and held without records of their whereabouts. Most recently, a past detainee is pressing charges against the CPD after experiencing sexual abuse on the Homan Square facility premises.

All of this problematic behavior by the police in the Homan Square facility is taking place just a few feet away from schools, grocery stores, churches and residences in the neighborhood. In this comics report, we learn about the heavy police presence in the neighborhood, and how the brutality in the Homan Square facility ripples outward to affect the community living in Homan Square.

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