Ladydrawers: Alison Bechdel Interview (Part 2)

Ladydrawers continues our look at challenges faced by women comics artists with Part 2 of Anne Elizabeth Moore’s exclusive interview with Alison Bechdel, illustrated by Gabrielle Gamboa. In it, Bechdel talks about her long-running strip, “Dykes to Watch Out For” – and follows up comparing her work to Gary Trudeau’s. She also looks at her own success, and potential blind spots in her work, in this extremely candid but extremely thoughtful chat.

Gabrielle Gamboa is an artist, illustrator and arts educator. She first self-published mini-comics as a member of the Puppy Toss collective, and her comics have been published in Bust Magazine and anthologies such as “Scheherazade,” “Top Shelf” and “Duplex Planet.” She lives in San Francisco with her husband and insane cat. You can view her work at

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