Uninvited to the Party: Laura Flanders at the Republican National Convention

Mainstream media were all over the Republican National Convention — but what didn’t they show you? What about the people, the movements, and the city that brought power to Cleveland? Laura Flanders investigates.

In this special episode, “The Laura Flanders Show” shares reports from the scene of the Republican National Convention — but while the party was on inside Quicken Loans Arena, much of Cleveland was still grieving. The 2014 death of Tamir Rice still rests in the minds of many city residents, and it is not the only one.

At the RNC, the rhetoric also targeted those who fear the death of middle-class chances and white working-class jobs. There’s a reality to that too, in a city where the normal family incomes are half the national average. In a city that’s hurting, in a country that’s hurting, who is speaking to all this hurt?