Thom Hartmann: iPhone Video Kill Switch … the George Orwell-ification of America?

Ginger McCall, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) joins Thom Hartmann. So much for using your I-phone to record concerts and sporting events. In order to stop people from posting videos of live events online that some companies may have exclusive rights to – Apple is working with commercial broadcasters to disable the I-phone’s video recorder at such events. Infrared sensors mounted at these live events will scan the audience for I-phones and then disable the video-recording feature. It's unclear if Apple is doing this so that they can sell more stuff – like licenses to record certain live events – or if Apple just wants to lend a helping hand to record companies in exchange for better deals at the I-Tunes store. One thing is clear though – this technology could have devastating effects on citizen journalism as more and more people are using their cell phones to record breaking news. Keep an eye on this one – it could be the next step toward the George Orwell-ification of America.