Sarah Schulman and Vijay Prashad on International Solidarity with the Palestinian People

“One of the strangest things about willful ignorance regarding Israel and Palestine is how often progressive people (like myself) engage in it,” writes author, activist, Sarah Schulman in her latest book, Israel/Palestine and the Queer International.

“In this way it somewhat parallels the history of homophobia in that there appear to be emotional blocks that keep many people from applying their general value systems to human rights for all.”

With Trinity College Prof. Vijay Prashad, author of Uncle Swami and The Darker Nations, Schulman discusses the politics of fear, the Israel lobby, and the way some marginalized Americans are enticed to accept immoral policies in an effort to gain acceptance. What is the true meaning and expression of solidarity” they ask? Schulman reminds us of a quote from Zionist Theodore Herzel:

“We shall not take others unawares or mislead them, any more than we shall deceive ourselves.”

The conversation was recorded in December 2012 at McNally-Jackson bookshop in Manhattan.