Missouri Legislator: Qualified to Legislate Women’s Health Because “My Father Was a Veterinarian”

In Illinois, they run reproductive rights bills through the agriculture committee. In Missouri, they call male lawmakers experts because they are the sons of veterinarians.

Not a joke.

Via Huffington Post:

House Majority Leader Tim Jones (R-Eureka) was on the defensive following an analogy he made during discussion of the bill he sponsored. The legislation would allow medical professionals to deny services like abortion, contraception, male or female sterilization, assisted reproduction and cloning based on religious objections by medical staff. Jones talked about the need for medical teams to be on the same page during a procedure and to ensure that one team member does not object to it.

Jones cited a personal experience he had.

“My father’s a veterinarian. I grew up in operating rooms,” Jones said, referring to how crowded operating rooms can be.

Jones’s defenders say he was misunderstood. Here is the debate, see what you think.