What Activists Need to Understand About Fascism

What does fascism look like today in the US? Where does the alt-right fit into this? How can it be fought? We sat down with Chicago-based Native abolitionist organizer, writer and co-struggler Kelly Hayes to discuss Shane Burley’s book Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It. Examining the modern fascist movement’s various strains, Shane Burley has written a super accessible primer about what its adherents believe, how they organize and what future they have in the US.

Key Questions:

1. What is fascism?
2. What is the alt-right?
3. What is the role of misogyny in fascism?
4. What do the building stages of a grassroots fascist movement look like?
5. What does the left need to do defeat fascism?


  • Hosts: Monica Trinidad & Page May
  • Guest: Kelly Hayes


  • Intro Production: Ari Mejia
  • Music: David Ellis “Welcome Matt”