Our Bodies, Our Stories: Reproductive Health Behind Bars

Pregnant women in America’s prisons are being shackled to their beds and cells. Others are being sterilized, some say, against their will. Correctional institutions claim the policies are for safety’s sake, and that consent is always obtained. But others see a larger pattern at work. On this edition, from shackling to sterilization, thousands of incarcerated people are struggling to maintain control over their own reproductive health.


Courtney Hooks, Justice Now! campaign and communications director; Tina Reynolds, Women on the Rise Telling HerStory (WORTH) co-founder and chair; Samantha Rogers, California Coalition for Women Prisoners assistant; Karen Shain, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children former policy director; Victoria Law,Resistance Behind Bars” author; Kimberly, formerly incarcerated mother; Joe Higgins, Rappahannock Regional Jail superintendent; Carolyn Sulfrin, former prison nurse.

Thank You to the Mary Wohlford Foundation and the Omnia Foundation for partial funding of this program.