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Alicia Garza: On Historical Amnesia and Fighting White Supremacy

An interview with Alicia Garza about white supremacy and concrete actions that people can take to move forward and organize.

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As people respond in the wake of actions in Charlottesville, Virginia, perpetrated by white supremacists and Nazi’s emboldened by President Trump, we interview Alicia Garza, one of the founding leaders of Black Lives Matter. You’ll hear Garza’s specific definitions of power and white supremacy, as she contextualizes this moment, and you’ll learn about concrete actions that people, especially white people can take to move forward and organize.

Special thanks to Kate Raphael & Women’s Magazine on KPFA.


• Alicia Garza, Director of Special Projects, National Domestic Workers Alliance, Co-Founder Black Lives Matter


• Host: R.J. Lozada

• Producers: Anita Johnson, Marie Choi, Monica Lopez, R.J. Lozada

• Segment Producers: Kate Raphael, Women’s Magazine, Vera Tykulsker

• Executive Director: Lisa Rudman

• Audience Engagement Director/Web Editor: Sabine Blaizin

• Development Associate: Vera Tykulsker

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