The Super-Special Commission for Rosia Montana Ignores the Protesters’ Message and Announces Fake Meetings

September 23rd, 2013

Dear members of the press,

The Super-Special Commission for Rosia Montana ignores the protesters’
message and announces fake meetings.

Tens of thousands of people in 36 cities from Romania and 34 from abroad
took the streets on Sunday for the 22nd consecutive day demanding the
rejection of the special law that would allow the destruction of Rosia
Montana. Protesters sent a clear message to Romanian lawmakers reiterating
their claims: the resignation of Prime Minister Ponta and the initiators
of the law, the rejection of the mining project, the ban on cyanide
mining in Romania and the inclusion of Rosia Montana in Romania’s
tentative list for UNESCO. Protests also condemn the hesitation of
Romanian politicians who are looking for solutions to legalize the mining
project proposed by the Canadian company.

An action unprecedented in Romania took place Saturday when more than
6,000 people formed a human chain around the Parliament House, circling
the largest administrative building in the world. The symbolic gesture
performed by the inhabitants of Bucharest was meant to remind lawmakers of
the citizens’ democratic mandate, which is to vote according to the their
will and to reject the unconstitutional bill.

The legal analysis report of the law that proposes the destruction of
Rosia Montana is as of today in the mailbox of every Romanian member of
the Parliament. Volunteers of the Save Rosia Montana Campaign have
distributed over 500 copies of the report put together by experts of
Alburnus Maior. Please find attached the legal analysis abstract.

Alburnus Maior took notice today, 23 September 2013 of the fact that the
Joint Parliamentary Commission for the draft law on the gold mining
exploitation at Rosia Montana has published its schedule for the period
between 23 September-26 September 2013. The schedule includes a one hour
meeting with Alburnus Maior, at Rosia Montana’s Cultural Center.

The Association has not received an invitation from the Commission for
such meeting and has not confirmed the presence at such meeting.
Nonetheless, the Commission is trying to desperately mimic dialogue with
citizens firmly opposing the mining project and as such presents such
information which obviously do not correspond to actual facts.

Yours truly,

Eugen David
Alburnus Maior
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517615 – Rosia Montana
Alba County
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