The East Harlem Community Fight Against the Mayor’s Rezoning Plan

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Highlighted in this film are community members of El Barrio — women, children, whole families — as they take their struggle against Mayor Bill de Blasio’s unfair and destructive policies of displacement from community meetings to press conferences to the streets. This new film documents the struggle of East Harlem residents — predominantly immigrant women of color, members of Movement for Justice in El Barrio — actively opposing an unfair and destructive rezoning plan that the mayor is attempting to impose from above and which, if enacted, will cause widespread displacement of long-term low-income community members.

Broad community opposition to the rezoning plan came out of the East Harlem community’s extensive Consulta — organized by Movement for Justice in El Barrio — a community-driven democratic consultation about themayor’s rezoning plan which took place for nearly a year where they developed both a position — unanimous opposition to the mayor’s entire upzoning plan by the thousands who participated — and a 10-Point Plan to Preserve Rent Stabilized Housing.

This is the powerful story of immigrants of color, led by women, coming together to protect their community and culture from the harmful rezoning plans being imposed by the mayor and other local officials.