Occupy Updates: Oakland Protesters Tear Down Fence to Reclaim Space, NYPD Gets Violent During Solidarity March (2)

The latest from the Occupy movement:

—Thousands strong, Occupy Oakland protesters reclaimed their park last night by tearing down the fence that had been erected after Tuesday night's violent clash with the police. The police presence was light this time around, likely because Oakland Mayor Jean Quan had a change of heart about the Occupy movement (she now promises a “minimal police presence” in the short-term). Here's a great shot of last night's crowd, via ThinkProgress.

—San Francisco was also spared a police crackdown last night. Although cops had gathered outside the protest site earlier in the day, the raid and eviction appear to have been called off.

—Meanwhile, in New York City, 10 protesters were arrested during a march in solidarity with Occupy Oakland. Protesters were also roughed up and kettled by the police. Footage here:

—Occupy Wall Street reportedly voted to donate $20,000 and 100 tents to Occupy Oakland as a show of solidarity.

—Occupy Oakland and Iraq Veterans Against the War have put out a call to hold vigils nationwide tonight for Scott Olsen, the veteran and protester whose skull was fractured by Oakland police the other night. Oakland's vigil will be held at 7pm.

—Egyptians are also showing solidarity with Oakland, with a march from Tahrir Square to the U.S. embassy planned for tomorrow.

—Occupy Oakland proposes a city-wide general strike and mass day of action on November 2.

—A win in Cleveland: the local government has agreed to allow protesters to demonstrate 24/7 after Occupy Cleveland took the issue to court.

—A new poll shows that most New York state voters, and even more New York City residents, support and understand the grievances of Occupy Wall Street.

—According to @OccupyWSP, veteran activist Angela Davis will speak at 5pm today in New York's Washington Square Park.

—In Los Angeles, City Hall has changed its mind and decided that the protesters can't “continue indefinitely” after all.