Newt Gingrich to Announce Candidacy for President Online on Wednesday

Trying to tap into the spontaneity of Twitter and Facebook, the former House speaker Newt Gingrich will announce his campaign for the Republican nomination for president on Wednesday by way of the two popular social networking sites, his spokesman said in a Twitter post Monday.

Rick Tyler, the top aide to Mr. Gingrich, posted: “@newtgingrich to announce by Twitter and Facebook on WED. Hannity will have the first interview on Fox. Newt speaks to GA Conv. on FRI.”

Mr. Gingrich has been hinting at a formal announcement for a while. In March, he persuaded many in the Washington press corps to travel to Georgia, suggesting he would reveal his intentions then. But instead, Mr. Gingrich said on March 3 that he would “test the waters” by establishing a committee that could accept contributions and allow him to travel the country.

Since then, Mr. Gingrich has increasingly seemed like a candidate. Last week, he hired Rob Johnson, a well-known strategist from Texas, to be the campaign manager for his presidential bid-to-be.

Mr. Gingrich stepped down from the House speakership in 1998 amid reports that he had been unfaithful to his wife. A presidential campaign may give Mr. Gingrich an opportunity for political redemption.

As his spokesman noted, Mr. Gingrich plans to begin that effort on the Fox News show hosted by Sean Hannity, a favorite of conservative politicians. (Mr. Gingrich was himself a paid contributor to Fox News until his contract was terminated last week.) And Mr. Gingrich plans to speak to the Georgia state Republican convention on Friday.