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News in Brief: Social Security Employees Get an Extra Day Off While Government Freezes Benefits, and More

Social Security Employees Get an Extra Day Off While Government Freezes Benefits

Social Security Employees Get an Extra Day Off While Government Freezes Benefits

The Social Security Administration will grant nonemergency employees a day off of work after Thanksgiving, while senior citizens go a second year in a row without receiving an adjustment in their monthly checks, according to Raw Story. Many of the 58 million recipients of Social Security benefits are angry with the Administration for not increasing the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2011, which is legally required to reflect the rate of inflation. The Administration claims that no increase has been warranted since 2008.

Democratic Congressman Considers Impeaching Chief Justice John Roberts

Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio, a Democrat who has long fought against Wall Street and corporate favoritism, is “investigating” the prospect of impeaching Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, according to The Nation. DeFazio made the decision after a New York hedge fund manager put $300,000 into a television campaign to defeat the Congressman, without having to reveal his identity. DeFazio is going after Roberts for passing Citizens United v. FEC, which he called a “tremendous disservice to the United States of America.”

Rand Paul Supporter Stomps on Woman’s Head at Debate

An employee with attending a debate between Kentucky Senatorial candidates Rand Paul and Ron Conway in Lexington was pulled to the ground and stomped by Paul supporters, CNN reports. Lauren Valle was a contract employee with charged with approaching Paul at the debate and taking his picture with a sign that read “RepubliCorp: Buying Democracy, One Race at a Time.” A video of the incident shows several men pulling Valle to the ground, and another man stomping on her shoulder and head.

Meg Whitman Would Nominate Judges Who Support the Death Penalty

If elected governor of California, Meg Whitman would only appoint judges who were in favor of the death penalty, The Sacramento Bee reports. At a rally in Westlake Village Monday night, Whitman told a crowd that opponent Jerry Brown is “soft on crime.” Though Brown has previously said he would uphold the death penalty as governor, Whitman stated that she would use the death penalty as a litmus test for judicial nominees.

Death Toll Rising in Indonesia

The New York Times reports that at least 113 people have died from the post-quake tsunami and volcano eruption in Indonesia, with hundreds more still missing and thousands left homeless. The tsunami was triggered by a 7.7 magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast of the Mentawai Islands; meanwhile, Mount Merapi erupted on the island of Java Tuesday evening, killing one person and injuring at least ten with severe burns.

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