Hundreds of Sindhi-Hindus Protest on Jantar Mantar Delhi Against Victimization of Hindus in Pakistan

New Delhi – A large number of Sindhi Hindu refugees from Pakistan protested yesterday on Jantar Mantar, Delhi. The protesters including men, women, and children demanded the recognition of either their refugee status or citizenship in India. Referring to the painful and harassment ordeal they have underwent in Sindh province in Pakistan by the state sponsored Mullahs and Madars, they demanded that United Nations to take notice of the crime against humanity in Sindh, Pakistan particularly by the state supported Islamist terrorists against Sindhi Hindus. They also demanded that the Government of India to take necessary steps for the legal and social relief and facilitation to these refugees.

Talking to the rally, Swami Om Ji, Nahar Singh and Zulfiqar Shah said that the United Nation Secretary General should take their demands earlier submitted with the United Nation’s country office into consideration so that ethno-religious cleansing of Sindhis particularly Sindhi Hindus should be prevented. Such initiatives would also prevent the mass exodus of Sindhi Hindus from Pakistan. They protesters also included members of Bagris, a non-santhan Dravidian Hindu community, and Sikhs from Sindh as well.

The protesters also held a big rally outside UN Country Office in India on December 10 and submitted a memorandum with the UN country representative demanding UN intervention in Pakistan to prevent human rights violation of Sindhi Hindus there. At the end of the protest, a memorandum was submitted with the Prime Ministers Office, India.