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Around the World, Statements of Solidarity for the Standing Rock Protesters

Here are some messages in support of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests from groups around the world.

With the developments of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests by the Standing Rock Sioux and other groups and individuals, organizations around the world have come out with statements of solidarity for the protesters. Below are some messages of support from Friends of the Earth Mexico (Amigos de la Tierra México), the Mexican Network of Those Affected by Mining (REMA), the National Agrarian Council of Colombia, the Mesoamerican Movement against the Extractive Mining Model (M4) and the California Faculty Association.


Statement of Solidarity From Amigos de la Tierra México

To the free media of Mexico and the world and to the international community:

Stop the repression against the Sioux of North Dakota and solidarity with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!

We demand the immediate withdrawal of the arrest order issued against the US journalist Amy Goodman, anchor and producer of the free media Democracy Now! She was unjustly accused by a judge in North Dakota of “having invaded private property” while she was covering events on September 3 around the construction of the “Dakota Access Pipeline” near the reservation of Standing Rock, where the native Sioux people live.

Her video shows how guards of security employees of the pipeline builder Dakota Access L.L.C., a private US corporation, attacked with pepper spray and dogs persons demonstrating against this megaproject. No arrest warrants were issued against these aggressors. We demand the immediate end of repression against the Sioux and we are indignant about the arrest of Cody Hal, who was jailed for two days after having participated in the September 3 protest.

We stand in solidarity with the dignified struggle of the Sioux, who rightly reject the destruction of their sacred territory in the interest of a project financed by some of the least ethical banks in the world (Goldman Sachs, HSBC, UBS, Bank of America) who threaten their right to water. We applaud the victory won on September 9 when the White House ordered the suspension of the work under lake Oahe. Their struggle continues to obtain a definitive end of this project in the entire area that would have been affected.

End the repression against the Sioux of Standing Rock!

Respect the Voice of the First Peoples!

No arrest of Amy Goodman!




Statement of Solidarity From the Mexican Network of Those Affected by Mining

We the members of the Mexican Network of Those Affected by Mining (REMA) send a fraternal greeting in solidarity with the Native sisters and brothers of the Sioux Tribe who have decided to avoid the installation on their sacred ancestral lands of a Dakota oil pipeline as part of the current worldwide pillage.

We will remain alert to any act of violence or persecution by the police, the government or the corporations against the Sioux people.

We support the stance by the Sioux people to permanently cancel this project of death, in order to fully enjoy their territory.

No to building of the Dakota oil pipeline

Out with the Dakota Access Corporation from Sioux territory

Yes for territories where megaprojects are prohibited

Yes for the protection of peoples territories

End the repression, criminalization and threats against the Sioux people

No more criminalization of the media coverage


Statement of Solidarity From the National Agrarian Coordination of Colombia

To: Indigenous Brothers and Sisters of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North Dakota

Companions in Struggle:

We have learned with a great sense of hope and happiness that the ancestral spirits today live among you who have courageously decided to fight for your rights, for Mother Earth and for the protection of life.

In Colombia, the Family farmers, Indigenous and Afro-Descendent Peoples that make up the National Agrarian Coordination (CNA) send this expression of our solidarity, our rebellious shout, our breath in unity.

An old indigenous text states: “The day that the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the south meet, the world will change.” You and the peoples of the North are represented by the Eagle, we the peoples of the south are represented by the Condor. If we unite, the world will change.

Companions in Struggle: We move forward in the defense of our territories, in the defense of our identity, in the defense of our peoples saying NO to the corporations that destroy Mother Earth, our lives, our culture and humanity.

From Colombia we send our embrace in struggle and resistance.


Statement of Solidarity From the Mesoamerican Movement against the Extractive Mining Model

The Mesoamerican Movement against the Extractive Mining Model — M4 — embraces the struggle of the Sioux Tribe as they resist the construction of an oil pipeline in North Dakota, USA.

The extractive model advancing upon the territories of indigenous and farming peoples has no national allegiance. Compañeros and compañeras of the Dakota and Lakota peoples of the Sioux reservation of Standing Rock are being repressed for defending their sacred territory. Last September 3, while they were demonstrating against the mega project, they were attacked by private security in the employ of the corporation of this project.

The Native populations have the right to defend their way of life against the capitalists who wish to impose themselves at the cost of violating people’s’ rights. At the same time, the local government, instead of condemning the unjust attack perpetrated in the name of “security” and in favor of the holders of capital, issued an arrest order against the US journalist Amy Goodman, anchor of Democracy Now!, an alternative media outlet, in the course of her doing her job as a journalist. We repudiate this and claim the right of freedom of information, which is the only thing allowing the whole truth to be known, which the corporate media generally ignore.

The peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, who also suffer the impacts of extractivism of the common goods, express and promote another kind of development which respects culture, ancestral ways, ecology and spirituality. We extend solidarity among the peoples as a form of defense of their territory and life.

From here, we condemn these acts of censure and repression and we send our warm greetings to the peoples in resistance at Standing Rock.

For a dignified struggle against megaprojects in the Americas!

#EstamosConStandingRock #WeAreWithStandingRock


Statement of Solidarity From the California Faculty Association

The California Faculty Association (CFA) stands in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the coalition of Native leaders and activists defending their cultural heritage, sacred grounds, right to protest, sovereign rights and right to clean water.

These brave activists have taken a stand as “water protectors.” The treatment of the protectors by private and state law enforcement officials echoes the violent and exploitative history of racism and genocide experienced by the Sioux Nation during the violent conflict with the US Army during the Whitestone Massacre of 1863.

Native people have a continuous experience of colonization — the transfer of the wealth of the community to private interests — that continues to this day. The Sioux Nation has faced conflict with the Army Corps of Engineers during the building of Oahe dam that has eroded their land rights and degraded their land.

To end this history of violence and environmental degradation of tribal land, the Sioux Nation and over 100 tribal leaders are taking a stand. CFA supports their right to freedom of expression and protest, freedom of access to the media, and the right to defend their land and their only source of clean water.

“Particularly disturbing were the photographs and video of water protectors being pepper sprayed and attacked by the dogs of the private security guards of the Dakota Access pipeline. As a progressive labor union committed to anti-racist activism, CFA is disturbed by the clear violation rights of peaceful demonstrators and feel compelled to lend our voice,” said CFA President Jennifer Eagan.

Dr. Erma Jean Sims, a CFA activist, Lecturer at Sonoma State University, and member of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama said:

I stand in solidarity with our Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Brothers and Sisters to protest an oil pipeline proposed to run through tribal land in North and South Dakota. Our sacred sites and ceremonial grounds are “sacred.”

As Native American people, it is our “sacred duty” to protect these lands, the history of our people, and the burial grounds of our ancestors. The care of the EARTH and the environment has been entrusted to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and all Native American people. Join us in prayer and protection our “sacred sites,” tribal lands, waters, and the EARTH.

CFA represents more than 27,000 tenured and tenure-track instructional faculty, lecturers, librarians, counselors, and coaches on the 23 campuses of the California State University system. Learn more about CFA at

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