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We All Lose Out on Great Media When Racial and Sexual Diversity Is Lacking

Part of the Series

100912ld fbHere at Ladydrawers HQ, we know that gendered barriers to media access affect everyone: women, trans, and non-binary gender creators lose out financially, and guys get stuck reading the same old points of view filtered through characters created by the same pool of creators, every month. Of course, it’s not just gender diversity that’s lacking in comics. The same thing can be said for racial and sexual diversity: we all lose out on great media when it’s mostly made by straight white dudes. Even straight white dudes know it!

So we invited our first dude, Justin Hall, to illustrate this strip. It looks at who is keeping comics from exploring the racial, sexual, and gender diversity we know exists in the world. Because although we saw in our very first strip that publishers aren’t hiring women and trans creators, it also turns out that the most diverse comics come from the most corporate publishers. We’re as shocked as you are!

Click here to open the comic full-size in a new window.


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