A Ladydrawers History of Women’s Rights, Part VI: “The Crazy Cat Lady“

Ladydrawers - The Crazy Cat LadySince the beginning of 2013, The Ladydrawers has been poking around behind the scenes of street-level sexism, looking at the very real gender imbalances in legislative policy that keep an almost accidental misogyny the norm in culture, and cultural production. We’ve outlined a history of women’s rights that doesn’t focus on gains so much as on future needs—because we’re interested in raising questions, not painting a pretty picture. (OK, we do both.) The miniseries started with Corinne Mucha’s strip Earnings and Yearnings; we’re excited she’s returned to illustrate the final below, The Crazy Cat Lady.

As always, you can catch all the previous strips here. And if you’re in Chicago this summer, be sure to visit our exhibition at the A + D Gallery. It’s sure to be fun and learny!

Ladydrawers - The Crazy Cat Lady